Investor Defense Law is your best option.

Securities cases take a special kind of lawyer—the kind we have at Investor Defense Law.

Investor Defense Law is your best option.
Investor Defense Law is the right law firm to have by your side when you go toe to toe with brokerage firms and other financial institutions. Securities litigation is a specialized field—most lawyers do not have the required experience to handle these cases. Representing yourself is an even riskier bet. Statistics show that the vast majority of investors who sue their stockbroker on their own lose.
Our founder, Jeremy Hyndman, has the experience needed to navigate these cases. He honed these skills working at some of the best law firms in the country, representing financial institutions. He knows how financial institutions work to defend these cases, and now puts that knowledge to use representing investors.
There is no risk to you!


At Investor Defense Law, our securities fraud law firm usually works on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no fee unless we win your case. there is no retainer fee or consultation fee and there is no cost for the investigative work we do. Accepting cases on a contingency fee basis shows our clients that we are confident in our ability to win.

Contingent Fees Level the Playing Field.

When an investor comes to us, they have already suffered financial loss. Due to misconduct, they may not have the resources to challenge some of the largest, most financially powerful institutions in the country. We do. Accepting your case on a contingency fee basis means we can devote the time and resources required to recover your lost investments without billing you for every phone call. This allows our investment fraud attorneys to pursue a just outcome that you might not be able to reach if, like financial institutions, you had to foot an hourly bill.