Edmonds Stockbroker Fined and Suspended for Improper Sales of Private Securities

David Taylor of Farmers Financial Solutions, the brokerage arm of Farmers Insurance, improperly sold $395,000 in private securities to his clients. Mr. Taylor established a company, Interactive Performance Solutions, LLC, which planned to design and sells insurance sales tracking software. While working for Farmers, Mr. Taylor started working as an officer at Interactive, and also solicited investment in Interactive. Private securities, like ownership units of Interactive, are usually much riskier than investments that are publicly traded, like stock traded through a stock exchange, mutual funds, or even exchange traded funds. The incentives to sell private securities can be strong. In Mr. Taylor’s case, it was trying to make his own startup venture succeed. If you have suffered investment losses, contact the attorneys at Investor Defense Law LLP to find out whether you have a claim. You may be able to recover your investment losses.

Investor Defense Law LLP is a law firm dedicated to helping investors in California, Georgia, and Washington recover losses caused by stockbrokers, financial advisers, or investment firms. To learn more, contact an investment fraud attorney at 800.487.4660.

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