Newport Beach Stockbroker Suspended for Failure to Disclose Unsatisfied Judgments and Tax Liens

John Crittenden, a former Crowell, Weedon & Co. stockbroker, was suspended for failure to disclose tax liens and judgments on his Form U4. Stockbrokers are required to disclose important facts about their finances, as well as customer complaints on what is called Form U4. Investors are able to see these facts when using BrokerCheck, an online search engine provided by FINRA. Not surprisingly, stockbrokers are reluctant to disclose facts that would make investors reluctant to trust them with their money. To find out whether your stockbroker has an unsavory past, contact the attorneys at Investor Defense Law LLP. We happily help investors use BrokerCheck free of charge.

Investor Defense Law LLP is a law firm dedicated to helping investors in California, Georgia, and Washington recover losses caused by stockbrokers, financial advisers, or investment firms. To learn more, contact an investment fraud attorney at 800.487.4660.

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