Al Doherty of Citigroup’s San Ramon Office Punished For Improperly Taking Money From Elderly Investor

Allison “Al” Taiye Doherty will have some extra time on her hands after receiving a four month suspension from the securities industry.

According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Ms. Doherty got a $50,000 loan from a 70 year old client, then failed to pay it back.

FINRA rules generally prohibit financial advisors from borrowing money from clients. Financial advisors should be focused on positioning their clients for a secure financial future, not using their clients as a piggy bank. It appears that Ms. Doherty may have been putting her own needs over the needs of her elderly client.

While this suspension is significant (and comes with a deferred fine if Ms. Doherty tries to rejoin the securities industry when her suspension is over), this is only part of Ms. Doherty’s history in the securities industry.

In 2013, a customer brought claims against her, allegedly for pushing a conservative investor into risky investments. Those claims settled for over $50,000.

Citigroup fired her due to “concerns with communications to clients regarding investments.”

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