Carlsbad Stockbroker Suspended for Tampering with Annuity Applications

Tamara Lynne Collins of LPL Financial was recently fined and suspended for tampering with annuity documents. Specifically, she added her client’s initials to documents, and changed the date on documents related to annuity purchases after a client had already signed them. Annuities are high commission products, so financial advisors have a strong financial incentive to pressure their clients to buy annuities, and to cut corners in the annuity application process. If you were pressured into buying an annuity that is confusing or might not be suitable for you, contact the attorneys at Investor Defense Law LLP to discuss at no charge whether you have a claim for investment losses.

Investor Defense Law LLP is a law firm dedicated to helping investors in California, Georgia, and Washington recover losses caused by stockbrokers, financial advisers, or investment firms. To learn more, contact an investment fraud attorney at 800.487.4660.

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