Northwestern Mutual Hires Unlicensed Stock Broker, Who Then Forges Client Documents

In San Jose, Northwestern Mutual Investment Services hired Patrick Llewellyn as a financial advisor, although he was was not yet licensed. Llewellyn forged twelve customers’ signatures on life insurance related documents, forcing some to purchase policies never agreed to. This was done to earn personal commission, despite it being against the customers’ will, and not in the customers’ best interest.

According to FINRA, Llewellyn refused to cooperate during the investigation of his forging customer signatures. In three separate instances during the investigation, Llewellyn lied about his wrongdoing when he denied signing customers’ names on documents.

FINRA requires members to comply with “high standards of commercial honor and just and equitable principles of trade.” Llewellyn’s unethical behavior of forging signatures and providing false information to FINRA shows a blatant disregard for FINRA rules. As a result of Llewellyn’s misconduct, he has been barred from the securities industry before he was ever officially licensed.

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