Allegis Investment Advisors’ Options Strategy May Cause Massive Losses For Unsuspecting Clients

If you are a client of Allegis Investment Advisors, you may want to check your account statement and see if your investment advisor is placing you into a risky put/call options strategy, and whether you have experienced any large, sudden losses.

Unlike more cautious investment advisors, Allegis apparently likes to place clients into a risky, proprietary options strategy, which may not pay off for investors.

While the put/call strategy Allegis uses is complex, the potential downside is terrifying: while the rest of the market drops by a few percentage points, Allegis investors could open their brokerage account statements to discover that they have lost 50-100% of the money invested in options in a single trade, in a single month.

These losses are also much scarier than stock losses, because there is no potential for a rebound. In a stock market rout, if you don’t sell, your shares can go back up. With the put/call options strategy Allegis is offering, if Allegis does not make a good options bet, the options expire worthless. Your investments have all of the potential appreciation value of rotten fruit.

While risky investments like this options strategy usually have the potential to be a home run, lately it looks like the Allegis investment strategy is only able to hit singles at best. While the options strategy Allegis utilizes is complex, here is what every Allegis investor needs to know:

  • Allegis’ options strategy involves selling an option and buying another option on the same day. This strategy is executed 0-3 times per month.
  • The profit comes from the difference between the amount of money Allegis makes selling the first option, minus the (smaller) amount used to buy the second option. This is called the net credit spread.
  • In other words, the upside for this options trading strategy is a capped, fixed, amount.
  • This amount is fairly modest. By our rough estimate, for annualized options profits of just 6%, Allegis’ options strategy risks a 50% portfolio drop on each and every trade. For investment returns of 12-14%, Allegis options strategy risks a 100% portfolio loss on each and every options trade it executes, essentially playing Russian roulette with clients’ investment portfolios a couple of times every month.
  • For this amount of money, Allegis’ options strategy risks an irreversible loss of $50,000-$100,000 in that investment portfolio. And that risk repeats every single time Allegis sets up a new options bet on where the market is heading.

There are better investment options for achieving these returns, so why does Allegis recommend this options strategy to its clients? One reason might be fees. Depending on your account, Allegis might charge more for the “privilege” of participating in this defective, supposedly exclusive options strategy.

Allegis Investment Advisors also goes by the following names:

Allegis Wealth Advisors

Adams Wealth Advisors

Bowen Group Advisors

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