May 6th, 2015

Can I “Sue” My Financial Advisor?

If your financial advisor has caused investment losses, you may want to sue your financial advisor. For better or for worse, you may instead be forced […]
May 5th, 2015

How to Report Investment Fraud

If you believe that you are a victim of investment fraud, it can be hard to figure out where to turn for help. Your local police […]
May 5th, 2015

FINRA Bans Grand Rapids Financial Advisor for Stealing Client Funds

Steven James Dunkelberg, Jr. a financial advisor with Fifth Third Securities, Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was barred from the securities industry for misappropriating client funds […]
May 5th, 2015

Worcester Financial Advisor Fined for Hiding Outside Business Venture from Employer

Perry Stephen Abbonizio of Worcester, Pennsylvania was fined and suspended for participating in outside business activities, and persuading his customers to invest, without providing notice to […]
May 1st, 2015

Cobra Trading, Inc. Fined for Failing to Implement Security Procedures

Cobra Trading, Inc. a broker-dealer headquartered in Allen, Texas, was fined $150,000 for failing to execute Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) procedures to help detect suspicious transactions in […]
Apr 29th, 2015

Financial Advisor In Arbuckle Gives Investors Bad Advice, Costing Them $50,000

Dalas Gundersen, a financial advisor formerly with Edward Jones, has been fined and terminated for making a detrimental recommendation to customers. After following Gundersen’s advice, customers […]
Apr 28th, 2015

Financial Advisor In Santa Barbara Falsifies Investors’ Signatures

Gregory Bolduc (“Bolduc”), a financial advisor formerly with UnionBanc Investment Services, has been fined and suspended for falsifying investor signatures. Bolduc photocopied the original signatures, and […]
Apr 27th, 2015

Los Angeles based Wedbush Securities Covers Up Supervisory Failure By Falsifying Documents

Wedbush Securities (“Wedbush” or “the firm”), a brokerage firm located in Los Angeles, California, created and gave FINRA falsified documents regarding its review of the firm’s […]
Apr 23rd, 2015

Little Rock Broker-Dealer Sells Bonds with Outrageous Markups

R.M. Duncan Securities, Inc. (“DCAN” or the “Firm”) of Little Rock, Arkansas allegedly charged excessive markups on defaulted municipal bonds, generating additional income for the Firm […]
Apr 21st, 2015

Atlanta Broker-Dealer Pays for Charging Customers Excessive Markups on Corporate Bonds

IFS Securities, Inc. (“IFS Securities” or the “firm”) of Atlanta, Georgia was censured and fined for selling corporate bonds to its customers with unreasonable markups given […]